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Technical Dictionary
  • English -> Dutch 170685 entries/translations
  • Dutch -> English 138949 entries/translations

  • Vocabulary from the fields of electrical engineering, engeneering, automotive, automation, electronics, mechanical , engineering, instrumentation, engineering in general, computer science, space, multimedia, networks, internet, telecommunications, windows, communication, geology , geotechnical engineering, hydraulics, hydrology, mechanics , mining, petroleum, science, technics , surveying, machinery, electricity, and many other fields

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Technical Dictionary Dutch English

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technical english->german

technical german -> english

English -> German

51696 keywords and translations

German -> English

51149 Keywords and translations

Specialist technical dictionary

Vocabulary from the fields of Technology (general terminology), System Installation, Station Installation,Telecontrol, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Cable TV, Broadcasting, Radio Relay Systems, Telecommunications, Communications, Electrical Engineering (general terminology), Electrical Science, Microelectronics, Semiconductor Devices, etc. 
Dictionary Technical English German

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automobil english -> german

automobil german -> english

English -> German
19394 keywords and translations

German -> English:
15464 keywords and translations

Specialist automobile industry dictionary

Vocabulary from the fields of Construction, production, re- establishment, spare parts, manufacturing, manufacturing process, etc.
Automobile Dictionary English German

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economics english -> german

English -> German
5588 keywords and translations

Specialist economics dictionary

Economics Dictionary English German


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